Our product includes EVA foam injection molding machines (single/double/triple colors), EVA/RB special foam injection molding machine, PVC/TPR rotary air blowing injection molding machine and other types of footwear injection molding machinery. In response to the ever-growing market demand, our company has also developed the injection molding machine for the manufacture of shoes-excluding products, such as fishing tools and roadblocks. All our products strictly comply with the national industry standards.

This Automatic EVA Foam Injection Molding Machine is controlled by touchscreen to directly monitor machine movement and production. It works in combination with crank, potentiometer, as well as PLC and PC-based control systems. The hydraulic system reduces noise and promotes efficiency through the use of 3 sets of pumps that operate individually.

This Dual-Color EVA Foam Injection Molding Machine may be operated in two separate modes: single color and dual color. The middle plate is functionally auto-removed, which is available for both injection and pouring process. Other prominent advantages include high-efficiency, energy-saving servo system, adjustable mold thickness and low operating platform.

Unique mechanical design gives this injection molding machine the capability to accommodate ultra-large molds. The T type machine is equipped with a triangular bucket mold for using normal or triangular mold, a mold cooling device, air blowing system, high-efficiency injection system, high-performance mold clamping system and optional programmed control system, which make it suitable for a wide variety of molds.

This machine features a unique mechanical design to accommodate ultra-large molds. It is also configured with both water-cooled and air-cooled molds to speed up the shaping process. Our machine operates with foaming or non-foaming raw materials, including PVC, TPR and other thermoplastic materials.

Product Videos
  • Automatic EVA Foam Injection Molding Machine
  • Dual-Color EVA Foam Injection Molding Machine
  • Automatic Rotary Air Blowing Injection Molding Machine
  • Two/Three/Four-Color Automatic Rotary Plastic Injection Molding Machine