Advanced production machinery is the foundation of any manufacturing enterprise. The secret of Kingmin Machinery’s long-term success is to invest heavily and seize the significant market opportunity. Kingmin Machinery completely understands that quality products can’t be produced without the use of cutting-edge production equipment. In order to ensure the excellent performance of our professional shoe production machines, we have adhered to the Taiwanese professional shoe-making tradition, while simultaneously investing in state-of-the-art production lines and test facilities which allow for technical updates and new product development. Our company owns a wide range of production workshops which perform assembly, machining, power distribution and other operations.

At Kingmin Machinery, we believed a well-trained employee significantly optimizes production efficiency, for this reason, every production operator has received a skills training course. All the working procedures are conducted in a strictly scientific manner. With the support of our talented production team and an impeccable quality assurance system, guarantee our customers of both the processing and assembly accuracy of all products. This also ensures the stability and reliability of our products.

Processing workshop

Modern processing workshop

Spares and accessories warehouse

Equipment and hardware storage warehouse

Our equipment adopts Siemens central processor

Ultra-high precision German novotechnik electronic ruler

Machine parts storage warehouse

We adopt Sumitomo oil pump from Japan

Further processing of spare parts

Machine mounting plate further processing zone

Fixed plate further processing by the radial drilling machine

Machine mounting plate to be further processed

Spray line

Environmental friendly spray line

Curing barn

Equipment assembly

Semi-finished mold stations to be assembled

Assembly of the mold station

Lower heating plate assembly

Upper heating plate assembly

Finished molding station

Electromagnetic valve parts

Injection cylinder installation

Spares polishing

Circuit control system assembly

Professional electricians guarantee the quality of circuit control system assembly

General assembly workshop

The final assembly and debugging of the equipment is accomplished in this workshop

Product Videos
  • Automatic EVA Foam Injection Molding Machine
  • Dual-Color EVA Foam Injection Molding Machine
  • Automatic Rotary Air Blowing Injection Molding Machine
  • Two/Three/Four-Color Automatic Rotary Plastic Injection Molding Machine